Using Google Hangouts and chat

Get the App

Before you get started, you will need to download the Google Hangout plugin. It's free and easy, and loads within seconds:

Note: Plugins no longer work in Firefox web browser's latest version 52.

Start a Google Hangout

To access and start a video call, phone call, or chat session, visit:

To start just a video Meeting, visit:

Add a Hangout to a Google Calendar Event

You can add a Hangout to any Google Calendar event by clicking on the Add video meeting details link under the Where location on the event details page. The people who are invited to the meeting will have the option to Join the meeting via Hangout by clicking on the link in their Google Calendar.

More information on managing a Google Hangout meeting.

Google Hangout help center:

Gmail Chat

A similar function for a quick online chat or to launch Google Hangout is a gmail chat.

Here's a handy guide to setting that up so it is available from your gmail inbox screen.