Tips and suggestions when using canvas

A good place to start is the Canvas Student Quickstart Guide, the comprehensive Canvas Student Guide, or any of the Canvas Video Guides. The video guides can be viewed in any order.

A Note on the Canvas Gradebook

When you look at your grades, you will notice a little checkbox marked "Calculate based only on graded assignments." When this box is checked, the grade you see will be calculated only on the basis of assignments that have been graded. Uncheck this box and the grade you see will be calculated on the basis of all assignments—even those that aren't yet due. Naturally, at the beginning of the term, unchecking this box will make it appear as if you are failing the course, because there's a lot that you haven't done.

Like most websites, Canvas tracks your activity, including which pages you've visited, when, and for how long. All submissions (assignments, quizzes, discussion forums) are timestamped, which means that your instructor can see exactly when you turn your work in.