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Witnessing and Documenting COVID-19 at UC Santa Cruz

The UCSC Library’s Regional History Project and Special Collections seek to collect the personal COVID-19 experiences of UC Santa Cruz students, faculty, and staff during the COVID-19 pandemic, as well as those of Santa Cruz County residents. We invite you to contribute writing, oral histories, recorded sound, photographs, and other media that documents how we are witnessing this global reality.

We want to hear from everyone, and especially:

  • International students or those with families abroad.

  • Undocumented students and community members, immigrant communities, Spanish-speaking communities, Asian Americans, and others who are profiled and feel vulnerable.

  • Faculty and staff working remotely, or on campus.

  • People living with disabilities, medical vulnerabilities, seniors.

  • People (including UCSC students) who are homeless, and/or experiencing food insecurity, have suffered job loss and other economic struggles.

  • Those learning remotely at UCSC.

  • Santa Cruz County residents. While we particularly invite contributions from healthcare workers, grocery employees, agricultural workers, custodians, restaurant workers, postal and delivery workers, small business people, and emergency responders, all are welcome to contribute.

To contribute please visit:

For more information contact Regional History Project Director Irene Reti at

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