Getting Started

Meeting students' basic needs

As a result of the COVID-19 global pandemic, UC Santa Cruz is moving all classes to remote instruction for Spring quarter 2020. This means that all students (living either on- or off-campus) will be taking classes online. We know for some students this will be a difficult transition. There are several resources that can help.

For graduate and undergraduate students:

- Needing assistance with basic needs, housing and food insecurity as well as access to a laptop computer or lack/poor internet needed for instruction, please contact Slug Support (

- Counseling & Psychological Services (CAPS) is committed to meeting our registered students’ needs and will continue to provide services, primarily remotely through phone or video. Get more information about online services and remote appointments (

- DRC is operating remotely. For students needing accommodations, please set up an appointment (

- All advising is now being done remotely. To make an online appointment, visit our website to find out how.

Create your learning space

It is essential that you set up a space that feels comfortable, is quiet and with limited distractions, and allows you to focus on your remote classroom lecture as well as to study.

Quick tips:

  • If at all possible use a desk or table and a chair. Sometimes your bed is the only quiet place you have. If that is the case, simply set yourself up so you are propped up and can use your computer/laptop/phone with ease.

  • If you have them, use headphones to mute surrounding noises.

  • Limit distractions:

    • Put away that cell phone!

    • Pause social media (it will be there when you get back).

    • Don’t multitask even though it is tempting.

    • Exit non-essential browsers as it may slow your internet speed.

    • Let folks in your space know when you are “in class” and studying.

  • Get up and get dressed. Best to not attend class in your PJs!

Remote accessing to G Suite platforms for individual and group work

All UC Santa Cruz students have access to Google products as part of their educational account.

Technology and Internet Access

Do you have the tools you need?

Check in with your instructor. What kind of computer, laptop, or tablet do you need? What software do you need? Is there adequate internet access in your remote location?

Don't have what you need to transition to remote learning, contact Slug Support. They can help with basic needs, food and housing insecurity as well as a loan you a laptop.

Some tips from the ITS website:

  • A few options if you need to establish network connectivity from off campus are Comcast, Cruzio, AT&T, Charter Communications, and Google Fi. Please contact the companies directly to arrange for services and make sure to ask for student discounts!

  • Please be aware that scams and phishing emails are targeting people's growing fears of the coronavirus in order to steal their usernames, passwords, credit cards and other sensitive information.

Don't have what you need in your remote location?

  • For graduate and undergraduate students who do not have a functioning laptop and/or are struggling with poor or no internet, please contact Slug Support.

  • Preferred method: email the Dean of Students office at

  • Alternative method: phone the Dean of Students office at 831-459-4446 and leave a detailed voicemail including name, student ID, and a telephone number at which they can be reached.

  • For additional information including hours of operations, visit the Slug Support COVID-19 operations website page.