Essentials of Time Management

Remote learning will require extra discipline

Reminder, a five-unit remote course is the same as an in-person class and takes about 15 hours each week.

Classes taught remotely still have deadlines and due dates. Carefully review your syllabus so you know when those are.

Most of the work will now be done on your own time. This means you really have to manage your time intentionally and thoughtfully.

Quick tips:

  • Schedule time to study, read, do homework, etc., each day of the week.

  • Add due dates to your calendar and set reminders.

  • Make a daily “to-do” list.

  • Keep track of the time you’re spending on the course, and make sure to stay on schedule.

Access EOP's Time Management Guide.

Additional Tips for Success in Online Courses

These resources were developed by the Cerro Cosa Community College in preparation for students moving to an online classroom setting.

  1. Organizing for Online Success (10 min)

  2. Online Study Skills and Managing Time (12 min)

  3. Communication Skills for Online Learning (13 min)

  4. Online Reading Strategies (9 min)